Are you searching for a way how to translate your website into multiple languages easily? In your website built on WordPress and you have no idea, how to easily translate it? We are introducing you the WPML plugin – an ideal solution for each business working on the international market.

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Every modern company needs a functional and attractive website for the presentation of their services. Translating the website into foreign languages can promote your company on the international markets easily and more effectively.

However, the translation of the websites into numerous languages can be quite challenging. Not only because of the translation process itself but also because of the complicated organisation and the uploading of the translations. It is not rare that a part of the translation is skipped during the translation process or is uploaded on the website in another language.

In K&J Translations we are always searching for new ways, how to make the work easier for our customers. This is why we have found an amazing solution – the WPML plugin. We are proud to announce that this month we became their translation partner. The plugin works on WordPress, which is a popular system for editing your web content, since it is easy to use and is understandable also for the businessmen who know very little or even nothing about programming.

The WPML plugin allows the customers to translate and manage their content into all the desired languages.

What are the PROS of the WPML plugin:
  • IT IS FAST AND TRANSPARENT – with the help of WPML, you can turn your monolingual website into multilingual one fast and effectively.
  • YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER THE TRANSLATIONS – easily manage the languages you site is translated into, and the future updates.
  • GOOD USER EXPERIENCE – your users can easily switch the languages while browsing your website
  • NO MORE LAME MISTAKES – a lot of mistakes happen while simply copy-pasting the translation to the website. With WPML you will avoid this problem forever.
Do you wish to install the WPML plugin?

You can either buy it directly on the website of the provider or contact us. We will be happy to walk you through the possible benefits which the plugin can bring your business as well as its installation and further use.

Website translation with WPML plugin
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